What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Simon Pure Marketing specializes in experiential marketing, and with a roster of talent across Canada, our staff are adept at multiple types of promotions like guerrilla marketing. 

This form of experiential marketing brings engaging brand campaigns directly to the streets, where consumers travel, work, live, study, and play. 

The Purpose Of Guerrilla Marketing Is To:

  • Elevate your brand exposure
  • Generate buzz for your brand
  • Directly engage your target demographic
  • Deliver memorable interactions that result in brand excitement

Guerrilla marketing uses a group of staff, also commonly referred to as Brand Ambassadors or BAs, who have specific skills and experiences suitable for this type of promotion. 

guerrilla marketing

Our Marketing Teams Are:

  • approachable
  • command attention
  • speak confidently to crowds
  • effectively communicate one-to-one
  • deliver key messaging with personality
  • adept at moving between locations to maximize reaching new target audiences
  • create experiences that result in positive and impactful brand impressions

We work with clients to map and determine the best locations for guerrilla programs. Brand Ambassadors activate at pre-determined locations, like city streets, parks, and public spaces, targeting areas with large audiences for direct consumer engagement and maximum exposure.

How Do Guerrilla Marketing Teams Work?

To ensure a guerrilla marketing team is visually impactful, Brand Ambassadors and Promotional Models often wear coordinated uniforms or costumes so that your brand stands out in a crowd. Other elements that amplify guerrilla marketing campaigns include, but are not limited to; branded signage, flags, accessories, assets, swag and giveaways, etc. Activations must catch consumer attention, and by drawing the eye to uniforms and prominent branding, Brand Ambassadors can create successful interactions.

Guerrilla marketing programs can vary in size. For smaller activations, it may be efficient to have only a handful of Brand Ambassadors per team. Staff remain mobile and can quickly pivot to follow leads as they present in-field. At Simon Pure, we have also had success with a guerrilla team comprised of more than 50 Brand Ambassadors. They roamed the Downtown Core of Toronto to promote a brand. The activation was visually stunning and generated discussion on the street, in media and on social media. An event successfully fulfilled the client’s objective to increase brand awareness.

Grow Your Brand With Simon Pure

We work with our clients to make sure our teams are impactful and often think outside of the box to differentiate your campaign from competitors. A popular guerrilla marketing activation, for example, is to distribute postcards to consumers leaving various public transportation stops during rush hour commutes. The client’s objective may be to ensure a certain quantity is distributed over a short period. We will work with our clients to build on that goal and raise the stakes to ensure your brand is the only one in focus. For example, we might suggest elevating the experience by developing eye-catching branded elements, promotion-specific uniforms, and unique packaging to make sure every person who sees and participates in the campaign has more than a postcard takeaway.

We help clients track the success of guerrilla marketing by providing:

  • quality event photos 
  • quality social media photos
  • daily event reports
  • number of consumer engagements
  • number of impressions
  • consumer feedback
  • social media tracking

Marketing programs are appropriate for many brands, including consumer products, retail, entertainment, technology, and more.

guerrilla marketing

At Simon Pure Marketing, we deliver a better agency experience. Our guerrilla marketing teams are selected and trained to be the best in the business, proudly representing your brand and providing for your needs. 

To further discuss guerrilla marketing and to view our roster of talent, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]