We’re an Experiential Marketing Agency based in Toronto, and we deliver a better experience.

A better experience for brands by creating memorable touch points that incite action and drive results.

A better experience for brand managers by focusing on service, being transparent with budgets and maintaining a meticulous attention to detail.

A better experience for consumers by delivering creative and immersive experiences that enhance their lives.

Our approach to Experiential Marketing

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In today’s digitally obsessed world the role of Experiential Marketing is more important than ever. Providing opportunities for consumers to literally experience your brand with their senses builds loyalty, encourages trial, and creates sense memory that ultimately drives purchase decisions.

At Simon Pure we believe the secret to connecting with consumers in the field is to bridge the gap between entertainment and reality. By designing experiences that provide a moment of wonder (entertainment) that lead to a desire to engage (reality) we elevate brand touch-points from ‘impressions” to impactful moments that increase profits.

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